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What Our Customers Are Saying

This winter I wanted a new quilt and I'm extremely happy with my choice. The Aloor home quilt has the most gorgeous flora design and looks very stylish. I'm impressed by the stitching because you can tell how much detail went into this quilt.
- Sarah
I was sooo amazed on how it looked great on my bedding and it feels so comfortable. The quality on how it was made and the color doesn't fade after washing them quite a few times. I highly recommend this quilt to everyone.
- Mamu
Having a quilt thick enough to fend off the cold but soft to the touch has made a world of difference for me. I would definitely recommend this cover to anyone looking for a cozy, warmer than-your-typical blanket.
- Nicolas
The solid color is the best design with those hundreds of hand-stitched lines. It’s a very rugged quilt. We washed it and it still holds its colors! It’s also even softer after the wash! I love it!
- Jason